52 Days of Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks and Gratitude to Change Your LIfe
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Day 49 – Now

  • 01/08/2011 5:46 pm

Day 49 – Now

I am thankful that as my journey to give 52 days of thanks to God for all that I am, all that I have been, all the blessings that are in my life and all that is yet to come, it brings me to the “Now”.  I have never fully appreciated the “Now”.  Ginger Rockey-Johnson Spice Girl of Tampa Bay

I have always recognized that I am made the way I am for a reason.  I have conveyed my story of my life to others to give them hope and encouragement.   To say “See I was there…where you are now.  I lived through it and beyond it and nothing is as bad as you might think.  It only feels that way right now.  Look at me, I am successful.”  But I see now that my thinking was flawed.

My life has been a series of training grounds, but not so that I can convey my word of hope for their life, my be an example for them.  My life’s experiences isn’t so that I tell my story and say “Look at me.”  It is so that I can fully appreciate my life and the journey I have been through.  It is so that in the “Now” I can be content and relish in the life I am leading.  I can fully live my life Now without seeking approval from anyone.  God approves of me and my life in all that I do.  My successes in life are because I never waivered in my firm belief in God…not religion, not man, not anyone other than Him.

People who know me, never hear me talk about God as strongly as I have in my blog for this challenge.  Make no mistake, I am strongly rooted in my spiritual life, in my Father.   I have no roots in religion, I don’t belief in the traditions that most, if not all  religions require.  It never made any sense to me.  Father has given me guidance and I honor and cherish His wisdom.

It is not within me to know that my own salvation is a process that I have yet to do.  I KNOW it is one that I was born with.  It is my right as a daughter of God to KNOW that I was born perfect and blameless.  I was given talents by my Father to relate to and talk with women who’s lives need to be touched by the light that is within me.  It exists in all of us. Does that mean that I take advantage of things, no.  I have been rebellious to my Father, same as any child to parent.  I have always been accepted with open arms when I was ready to come back and embraced lovingly when I say I’m sorry, I was wrong.

So what does all that mean? It means that I have everything have, I appreciate.  Down to the very dust balls rolling around under my refrigerator.  It gives the cat something to play with other than my baseboard.  I am appreciative of the pimples that erupt on my face when its “that time of month”, because it make soooooooo appreciate it when its gone and my skin looks great again….just when I thought my skin looked bad!

So appreciate all the small things in life.  I am thankful to begin to appreciate the Now.  The only moment in time, I do not do well living in.

Dear God,

Thank you for all the lessons that you have reminded that I learned in my life.  Thank  you for sharing my heart and my mind. Thank you for helping me live in NOW

Your loving daughter,

Ginger Rockey-Johnson

Day 40 – Batteries Included

  • 01/03/2011 12:56 am
Saved By Grace
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Day 40 – I am thankful for God’s design of my life and that he included the batteries!

Do you remember when you were a kid, opening a Christmas present and there were no batteries?!  (That was a story our Pastor Dan Dunn told at church one Sunday morning).  He told this story to prove a point and I am going to share with you what I a story of heard spoken to me that day.

I am thankful for my entire life’s struggles.  They are all summed up as “Batteries Included”.  I was molested and I gained strength as a 7 year old child to depend ONLY on Father God and as an adult can be a testament of hope to others.

I was gifted with intelligence and a ridiculous IQ and I was blessed with an early graduation from junior high/high school and 20 years of college & university life to give me insight and wisdom that was not to be a part of my life’s experience’s design.

I was homeless as a teen supporting my parents and siblings, and I chose to listen to my Father and can share my low points as a homeless teen with HUGE responsibilities with other at-risk teens.

I am a survivor of emotional, physical, and psychological domestic violence and stalking.  I am a rape survivor and fought to regain my life an my self-respect.

I always had my self-esteem but rape victims die a little on the inside everyday after the event. I am a encourage that you can regain your self respect.

I am a single parent who took no crap from anyone and ferociously protected my kids without regard for any consequences to myself.  That is what Father has done for me.

I am thankful that He decided to design my current marriage and it is summed up as “Batteries Included”.  I loved the process He took me and my husband through to prepare to get married.  I have been married before and had it not been for my husband’s insistence that we do a more traditional role, I would have been at the courthouse and said I do without all the hoop-la and DONE in 30 minutes flat.   Looking back, I have the two wisest men on the planet in my life.  Dann Dunn and John Sheid.  God put them both in my life to once again have God tell me, “Ginger….batteries are included in this too”  Today’s urgency and instant gratification denies your the covenant of the marriage.  Even if you don’t realize the WHY until months later, it solidifies that this marriage is not instant, not instantly disposable.  So much of our generation has become, marriage with an exit plan.  I have never felt that way.  It was always a chunk of my life that I took to heart, but none so much so as the covenant of marriage as two become one.

My Batteries have always been a apart of my life’s design by God.  The more that I understand that the more I have eyes of understanding.  I understand how my life has arrived to this junction.  I understand how my life has come to this point.

Dear Father God,

Thank you for including batteries for every gift you have given me.  Every gift I see you have given me, is the challenges and moments that I see as soulful, others see as despair.  I bask in the light that I call love and others see as tragic circumstances.  Thank you for everything.

Your loving daughter

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Day 13 – My Eyes…The one anyway

  • 12/03/2010 8:56 pm

Day 13

I am very thankful for my eyes.  “What the eyes can’t see the heart knows.” That is what comes to my mind when I think of my eyes.  I am blind in one eye from a congenital cataract and 20/700 in the other.  I can’t wear prescription glasses because my brain interprets the images and doubles, so I wear a contact.

I am thankful for my cataract.  My congenital cataract was detected when I was 6 weeks old.  I have never had sight in my left eye, not ever.  I had a million doctors when I was growing up and I was the fascination of the Jules Stein Institute when I was child.   I have muscle control over my eye, even though I have no sight.  Except when I sick or very tired, then my left eye becomes my “tell” and traitorously stares at my nose!

Now when I was growing up, they told me I wouldn’t be sighted as as adult.  I would loose the sight in my right eye entirely from the strain by the time I was 18.  So I had to learn braille.  In my youth, my vision would drop in batches and then years with nothing…no deterioration at all.   I had to wear safety goggles in elementary school because my eyes don’t react quickly enough to keep debris from getting into my eyes.  Many an ER visit confirmed that diagnosis, but not much else came true.

I chose to ignore the doctors and was actually angry that someone thought they could tell me what to do and predict my future! I mean how dare they!! SO I was hell bent to do everything they said I couldn’t do.  And with God’s glory, I did just that.  Ginger Rockey-Johnson

I still get the embarrassed “Can I ask you a question…”  (Trust me people, YOU are the one embarrassed..I’M NOT!!  Ask away!) But just in case you are shy, here’s the answers to the most popular questions…..

Yes I was born with one eye.  This is what a cataract looks like.  My pupil is white, making the cataract visible because I have an albino retina which reflects light back through the sack that is the cataract.

What’s it like to see out of one eye? I don’t know, what’s it like to see out of two?  Inquiring minds want to know.  🙂  LOL Since I have no point of reference, I see the same thing you do.  I can’t watch a 3D movie and someone has to watch my golf ball when I tee off, but that is pretty much the only limitations I have.

The gift that God gave me is my eyes.  Since the heart can see what the eyes do not, I see people with great love, sometimes tough love.  I see the greatness in people that they long ago stopped dreaming about.  I see people’s hearts.

Dear God,

I am blessed beyond compare for my eyes.  For the gift of my uniqueness, I give you honor and praise.  I appreciate the star in my eye, the literal diamond sparkle and the special gift of seeing what is not said and what people long ago forgot…their heart’s desire.  I can see both with my eye and my heart. So if the cost of being blind is a soulful heart.  I am thankful in the most tearful and emotional way….for only having one sighted eye.

Day 10 – A Giving Heart

  • 11/30/2010 2:48 pm

Day 10

Recently, I came in contact with some people that I use to work with years ago.  They reminded me of all the amazing people with nothing in their hearts and minds except to provide for their families. My passion is and always has been, to help people see and believe in themselves.  Believe that anything is possible.  I greatly desire to inspire people to take a risk on themselves in faith.  My family & people who know me would say that I live the phrase “Give until it hurts”.

I am VERY thankful to for Giver’s Heart.  I have been a Master Trainer / Coach & Counselor for more than 12 years now.  Ginger Rockey-JohnsonBeing a trainer coach is a rare privilege that some people have a natural talent for.  I don’t think I was a natural at it, although many have said that I am.  I think that the sum of my life allows me the perspective to see who people are or who they are meant to be, not who they see themselves as.  To see past the words that flow endless out of their mouths (aka excuses). I see greatness in all people and passionately desire to give to them to help them achieve their heart’s desires.

I have seen some amazing people in my life.  I give them the respect and song of my heart, for I see them as so much more than who they are right now.  Yes, amazing people indeed.  Give them belief and they believe in themselves.  Give them hope and they begin to dream.  Give them trust and they begin to trust in others.  It is such a small thing to belief in the good of men and women.  But I truly and passionately believe and desire.

Like the SJB Crew of the Lear Tampa Plant that recently closed down displacing some of my most precious of friends all over Tampa Bay.  Oh the leaders that were born out of those days. Or the people who worked on the factory floors of plants all across America.  People that I have had the privelge of spending time with and honored by the exchange.  And people whom I have called my closest and dearest friends over the years and have made an impression on me and moved me in ways I could never have imagined.  They drove me to give more to people and honor others as I honor myself.

Giving to others and serving others is not a fault.  For those of you who have been told that it is…..they are wrong.  The givers heart is full not empty.  Never without a cause to fight for, never without compassion to my friends.  There is someone to believe in us all.  I am just a gap filler, a passionate person put on this earth to move people from where they are to where they want to be……in their hearts.

Dear God,

Thank You for the tearful tugs at my heart that make me cry and fill me with joyful passion for others.  Thank You for the passionate giving heart that I have and the courage to accept that with You there is nothing in my days that we can not achieve or overcome together.  Thank you for my Giver’s Heart.